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We appreciate that some of you will be new to the hobby and may not have heard of us before. So what assurances can we give you?
When you buy goods from us, you are buying from one of the established retailers and producers in amateur radio. We have got where we are today by giving good, honest service, realistic part exchange deals and competitive prices. Our retail premises are stocked out with goodies and manned by staff who understand them. We hold a current amateur radio license.

We even have  a  6- element  HF beam on a 15 m tower, good radio equipment  to try out and test new rig, interface, powersupplies and modules.  Alternatively we have 8 x 17 elements for 2 m DX, EME and Tropo, so ask as many questions as you like!

If you cannot call us we fully understand your concern when dealing by e-mail order. That's why we ofter probably the safest, most care free service in the business. We offer 24 hour delivery by DHL Parcel Post.

y product  is  inspected before being carefully packed and every parcel is covered against loss or damage by our own insurers to the full value. There's absolutely no risk to you. And if in the unlikely event you do not find the goods acceptable, we offer a full refund or exchange service, provided we are notified within 10 working days of delivery and the goods are returned in satisfactory condition. That's how we, got to be where we are today and that's how you can get your goods tomorrow!

ED 88 NF - Audio Filter
PSK31/SSTV interface ED 16 Mi
Transceiver - Ant. Switch
13,8 V 25A DC power supply
Mic- preamp
IC 7000 ...
IC 706 ...
SWR and Watt Meter
Roger Piep RP77
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Our prices include VAT. We delivery to anywhere in the world. Payment can be in EURO before delivery to our account.

Or cash in US-Dollar  include  a registered letter. Please ask by e-mail for your best price including  shipment.
Pardon, we don't work with creditcard and paypal.

Our  8 x 17 El  Yagi  on 2 m

Your Transceiver

That's great and easy

stereo headphone
amplifier / separater

Hv-power supply




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